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Supplying Fonterra is the smart choice

We offer dairy farmers consistency, confidence and the certainty that comes from being part of a co-operative.

The Co-operative Advantage

As a co-operative, we’re always clear that our number one priority is our farmer shareholders who supply the Co-op with milk. It’s their milk which forms the core of our business and it’s our job to bring back the very best returns to the farmgate.  Our farmer shareholders enjoy the certainty of the co-operative model, knowing their milk will get collected, processed and paid for year-in and year-out. With Fonterra as their co-operative, they also own a share of the world’s largest dairy processor and exporter. We offer collective strength and this benefits our farmers in many ways, including on-farm support from our milk quality specialists, sustainable dairying advisors, Shareholders’ Councillors and Area Managers, combined purchasing power with our RD1 rural supplies network and a co-op dedicated to representing our farmers’ interests.

Clear payouts and Farmgate milk price 

We’re all about increasing returns for our farmer shareholders.  Through our Farmgate Milk Price, they can be confident that the returns on their milk are the best they can be and are determined through a fair and open process which reflects world prices - as explained in our FARMGATE MILK PRICE MANUAL.  In addition, our farmer shareholders share in the profits we make by adding value to their milk.

The benefits of scale

Our scale provides reliability in volatile times and we’re well equipped to handle unexpected events and changing demands. As a Co-operative, we rely on our farmer shareholders for our size, stability and strength and your supply makes us even stronger.

Options for supply

We welcome new farmer shareholders in our collection regions to the Co-operative and make the process as smooth as possible. Farmers supplying Fonterra must become Shareholders of the Co-operative, but we offer share purchase options which enable farmers to manage their budgets while building their investment. Talk to us and we can develop the best option for you.

Further information on Fonterra’s shares and its capital structure is contained in Fonterra’s Investment Statement available from the Supplier Services Team.

Supporting our farmer shareholders

As a Fonterra Shareholder, you’re the beginning of our story – you are the start of a global supply chain that reaches millions of consumers in 140 countries. We pick up your milk and turn it into a huge range of dairy commodities, ingredients and branded consumer goods.

As a Shareholder, you’re part of the largest milk processor in the world. Collectively, our Shareholders produce about 16 billion litres of milk each year and we collect a further six billion litres from suppliers overseas.

As part of Fonterra, you have access to a range of services, including:

  • Farm Source: This is where farmers manage their dairy business online, at anytime from anywhere. Farm Business provides our farmers with production and quality information, helpful data comparison tools, milk payment estimators as well as a range of innovative financial tools.
  • The Food Safety Team: This team works to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality milk to our manufacturing sites. They translate New Zealand and international regulatory and market access requirements into easy-to-understand, practical on-farm requirements. Regional Food Safety Managers can provide technical assistance for farm dairy compliance, milk quality issues and animal welfare. 
  • Regional Supplier Services Teams: These teams are on hand to deal with any questions – from milk quality and milk collection queries to information about your shares and monthly payments. Call 0800 65 65 68 for specialised support.
  • Sustainable Dairy Advisors: These professionals are available nationwide to help Shareholders comply with Fonterra’s environmental requirements and can assist with national and local regulatory compliance.
  • Fonterra Shareholders' Council: The Council is a national body of Shareholders who represent the interests of the Co-operative’s 10,500 Shareholders.

All of these services are designed to help so you can get on with doing what you do best – producing the world’s best dairy nutrition.

Talk to us 

There are many reasons to become a Fonterra Shareholder so talk to our Supplier Services Team today on 0800 65 65 68.