Fonterra Launches New Anlene Heart-Plus™ To Help Malaysians Live a Healthier and Heartier Life

Fonterra, the world’s leading dairy nutrition company from New Zealand has just launched a new formulation for its leading high-calcium brand Anlene. The all-new Anlene Heart-PlusTM is the first adult milk in the market with dual action formula – HeartMaxTM and MoveMaxTM – which is a unique combination of nutrients that help support strong heart health and good mobility for Malaysians.

The new formulation for Anlene was developed on the back of worrying health statistics in Malaysia on the 3-Highs – high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high sugar level. Nearly one in two Malaysians have high cholesterol levels; nearly one in four heart attack patients are below 50 years old[1]; and 13.5 million Malaysian adults suffer from diabetes[2]. To help Malaysians achieve healthy strong hearts, Anlene Heart-PlusTM counters the 3-Highs through Omega 3 (DHA + EPA) that reduces triglyceride levels in the blood, Plant Sterol and Potassium that decreases cholesterol levels effectively and lowers glycaemic index to help manage blood sugar levels in the body.

Beyond supporting strong heart health, the new dual-action Anlene Heart-PlusTM also contains a specialised MoveMaxTM formulation which supports movement with flexibility, dynamism and strength. The formula provides important nutrients such as Calcium for bone health, Collagen to repair joint cartilage and Protein for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bones.

“At Fonterra, we make it our core mission to listen to what consumers are looking for in order to meet their needs for healthier living. Anlene Heart-PlusTM is one such product catering to the needs of adult Malaysians, whether 19 or 69. With a worrying trend of almost half of heart attack patients being under 50, it’s never too early or too late to start caring for your heart and mobility so that you can continue to live your life to the fullest,” said Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando, Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia and Singapore.

He added that with the new formulation, Anlene has progressed from being an adult milk for just bone health into a holistic product that supports the overall mobility and heart health of Malaysians.

Making the Smarter Choice with Anlene Heart-PlusTM

Malaysians can be well-assured that they are making the smarter choice when they purchase Anlene Heart-PlusTM as it was recently awarded the Healthier Choice logo by the Ministry of Health.

The Healthier Choice logo is awarded to food and beverage companies with products that fulfil the nutrient criteria specified by the Ministry as healthier dietary options. It is meant to help consumers’ identify healthier products compared to other products within the same category just by looking at the front packaging.

As one of the 18 companies that have been awarded this recognition, this is a key milestone and achievement for Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

“At Fonterra, we’re focused on making great dairy products that not only taste good but support the improved health and wellbeing of people. Being awarded the Healthier Choice logo is testament to our ongoing efforts to bring quality nutrition to more Malaysians and we’re proud to display the logo on our products,” said Mr Porraz Lando.

Anlene Heart-PlusTM is now available in 800g at all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets as well as on e-commerce platform 11street retailing at RM 45.90.