Redefining taste: Cream of the crop Kapiti cheese touches Sri Lankan shores

Exclusive specialty cheese range launched, set to delight cheese connoisseurs looking for the best

Sri Lankan connoisseurs can now indulge in one of the world’s top gourmet cheese ranges that’s a cut above the rest.

Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka unveiled its premium Kapiti Cheese range at an exclusive cheese and wine tasting experience at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo today.  

The launch event – hailed the Opera of Cheese - was hosted by Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Managing Director Sunil Sethi. Guests sampled a selection of the finest cheeses harmonised with New Zealand wines provided by the event’s exclusive wine partner, House of Wines.

The Kapiti Cheese range was meticulously crafted in New Zealand 30 years ago, with its sophisticated flavours inspired by the country’s Kiwi heritage. The country now leads the world in exquisitely aromatic, delicious and distinctive speciality cheeses – each with its own story, legacy and heritage. Today, the range of specialty natural blues, soft and hard cheeses, and more is shared amongst cheese-lovers around the globe.

Gourmet cheese connoisseurs in Sri Lanka can now enjoy Kikorangi Moon (a blue cheese with a creamy texture), Pakari Smoked Cheddar (firm and smoked, with hints of hickory and ash flavours), Pakari Aged Cheddar (a golden mature cheddar aged for 18 months), Smoked Havarti (creamy with smooth, buttery flavours, a brown rind and a subtle, smoky taste) and Port Wine Cheddar (mature cheddar flavoured with port wine).

Craig Dryden, a Speciality Cheese Expert, all the way from New Zealand who led the Cheese and Wine pairing experience said “What really stands out about the Kapiti Cheese range is that each cheese has a unique flavour and texture, making the range incredibly versatile. This versatility creates endless possibilities to pair each cheese with exquisite food and beverages.”

Truly the cream of the crop, Kapiti has been singled out for its taste amongst the best New Zealand brands at the country’s Champions of Cheese Awards.

Mr Sethi said: “At Fonterra, we’re extremely passionate about offering products of exceptional quality and taste to Sri Lankans. We have seen a niche, but growing, demand for premium cheese from those hosting exclusive events to people looking to curate the best cheese board.

“Leveraging decades of innovation and expertise in the art of cheese-making, we are able to answer this demand with some of the finest and most unique selections to ever hit Sri Lankan shores. We are pleased to introduce Kapiti, taking our leading portfolio of dairy solutions for consumers across all life stages to new heights.”

The range is now available at House of Wines in Colombo and will soon be made available across selected supermarket outlets.