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Fonterra team gathers in prayer

  • July 07, 2020
  • 2 min read

Invokes blessings for everyone’s safety as they work tirelessly to serve.

With the country opening up after successfully controlling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka, makers of Anchor, hosted a multi-religious blessing ceremony at their head office on Monday the 6th of July.

Whilst the manufacturing and distribution operations were functional during the COVID-19 pandemic, the co-operative’s operations returned to full normalcy on Monday the 6th of July. Blessings were invoked as a sign of gratitude to Fonterra’s employees, dairy farmers, suppliers, trade agents island-wide, retail partners and extended families who remained committed to serving the nation throughout the COVID-19 crisis, alongside our Tri-Forces, health care workers, and dedicated task forces. 

Fonterra team gathers in prayer at multi-religious blessing

Blessings were also extended towards Sri Lanka in continuing the nation’s successful and exemplary journey in overcoming the pandemic.

The timely ceremony further signifies a new journey for the company with its new Managing Director, Ms. Vidya Sivaraja, officially taking her seat. She is the first Sri Lankan to lead Fonterra’s businesses in Malaysia, Singapore and now in her home country where she has been appointed to lead a cluster of businesses across 9 countries. This appointment finds Vidya eagerly returning to her roots, passionate about making a difference by bringing her expertise back home from her 21 years of experience of working in 18 countries throughout her career.

I am proud of the commitment and hard work of our team who remained dedicated to serving our nation in any way possible amidst a global pandemic.

Ms. Vidya Sivaraja, Managing Director, Fonterra Sri Lanka 

Addressing the blessing ceremony, Vidya says, “We thank the healthcare workers, the Tri-Forces and the Presidential Task Force for their exemplary contribution in helping our nation overcome this situation. We also thank the authorities and enforcement officials in the communities where we operate, for their continuous guidance and support.”

“I am proud of the commitment and hard work of our team who remained dedicated to serving our nation in any way possible amidst a global pandemic. I am also grateful for their service and compassion in times of need, aiding the country whenever a situation arose.

Chief Incumbent of the Abayaramaya Temple, Ven. Muruththetuwe Ananda Thero receives ata pirikara from Ms. Vidya Sivaraja, 1st Sri Lankan to lead Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka

“Our country is rich in resources, talent and ingenuity. I look forward to championing this potential and working to make lives better, in line with the nation’s priorities.”