Supporting Food Businesses During Ramadan

Food is at the heart of Indonesian families and in the Ramadan month of giving and sharing, food is even more significant as having meals together is a form of celebration and fulfilment.

Leveraging the insight that more people are searching online for recipes during Ramadan, the Anchor Food Professionals team in Indonesia held a Ramadan special culinary workshop with advisory chefs.

This workshop showed off the dairy goodness of pastry products such as baked cheese tart and cheese puff – some of the most sought-after pastries in Jakarta currently.

Fonterra Brands Indonesia Foodservice Director Sigit Wijanarko says, “As Indonesian families tend to spend more during Ramadan and Idul Fitri on food and beverages, now is the perfect time for food businesses to be creative and capture consumers’ rapidly changing needs.

“The culinary and foodservice business continues to experience significant growth in Indonesia and Anchor Food Professionals is committed to supporting the industry with our world leading research and innovation.

“This business continues to go from strength to strength, achieving double-digit volume growth in the past financial year.”

In the spirit of Ramadan, Fonterra is also encouraging Indonesians to include dairy in their everyday diets, demonstrating how dairy can help to keep fasting consumers fuller for longer, while at the same time sustaining energy levels and staying healthy.