Mothers as Family’s Guardian of Nutritional Health and Emotional Centre Need Self-Appreciation to Build A Healthy and Happy Family

Fonterra Brands Indonesia Celebrates Motherhood with its ‘Best Mom Ever’ Campaign

To celebrate mothers and their fundamental role in the family this Mother’s Day, Fonterra Brands Indonesia today launched its ‘Best Mom Ever’ campaign. Through popular dairy brands Anlene, Anmum, and Anchor Boneeto, the campaign aims to appreciate mothers for always ensuring the nutritional health of families and to acknowledge them for being the Best Mom Ever – the Mom who keeps herself and her family healthy, active and productive.


This is especially important as Fonterra research has shown that a majority of women place their health and well-being as the lowest two out of five priorities in life, concentrating more on the health and well-being of their family members ahead of themselves[1].


As part of Fonterra’s appreciation to mothers, the dairy co-operative has collaborated with Chic & Darling to design an exclusive set of mugs for mothers, representing a glass of nutrition from its high quality dairy products for their families.


Rohini Behl, Technical Marketing Advisor, Fonterra Brands Indonesia, said, “From looking after parents, children, husbands to even friends, moms have many responsibilities, making her the number one hero in the family as she prioritizes her family above everything else, including herself.


“As a trusted dairy nutrition provider, our brands are at the hearts of millions of consumers, particularly mothers. We understand that mothers will always look for the best option when it comes to providing nutrition for the family.


“On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, through our ‘Best Mom Ever’ campaign, we would like to inspire people to present a gift to their mothers, either the simplest or even a grander one, as a reflection of true appreciation to mothers and in celebration of motherhood.


“The figure behind Chic & Darling, Kania is a mompreneur whom we think is a great representation of today’s mother. She juggles many priorities but always manages to safeguard the nutritional health of her family, keeping herself and her family healthy, active and productive. We’re very proud to have worked with her to celebrate mothers across Indonesia,” Ms Behl continued.


For more than 30 years, Fonterra has strived to inspire Indonesian families to get the most out of their lives, providing trusted dairy nutrition for a stronger, healthier, and happier Indonesia.


Ines Yumahana Gulardi, Senior Nutrition Manager, Fonterra Brands Indonesia, said, “Everyone in the family needs to consume balanced nutrition and practice a healthy lifestyle. This is where mothers play a very fundamental role in ensuring the nutritional health of the family. Mothers are faced with different stages of life themselves as well as for their family members, each requiring different nutritional needs, such as when mothers are pregnant and lactating, raising children to meet their potential, right through to when looking after the parents or elderly.


“From maternal to lactating needs, Anmum with Nuelipid is the trusted partner for mothers-to-be and mothers, providing specialized nourishment support and care for mothers' maternal health and well-being; when mothers raise their children to have an active mind and body, Anchor Boneeto with A-force formula provides the unique combination of calcium, protein, vitamins, zinc and magnesium to help support children’s growth; and during young and elderly adult lives, mothers can always rely on Anlene with MoveMax, which contains calcium, collagen, and protein to help boost bone, joint and muscle health to help them move as young as they feel.”


Roslina Verauli S.Psi., M.Psi., Psychologist, explained, “A mother plays another important role in family as the emotional center, a person who must consistently maintain the good vibes in the house. That said, it is important for mothers to be happy and open-minded to create a harmonious family. Hence, we should be very thankful to our mothers for their unconditional love and of course as mothers, we need self-appreciation to boost our happiness.”


‘Best Mom Ever’ mugs are available starting from early December 2017 in stores in Jakarta and other major cities across Indonesia as well as Lazada and Shopee, with four collectible designs themed for Anlene, Anmum, and Anchor Boneeto. The mugs are available with the purchase of Anmum Materna and Lacta 400 gr (chocolate flavor), Anlene Gold 650 gr (chocolate, vanilla and original flavor), and Anchor Boneeto 700 gr (chocolate and vanilla flavor).


“We hope the idea of giving the mugs as a special gift will inspire people to be more creative in expressing their love to mothers, as well as mothers to themselves,” concluded Ms Behl.


[1] Indonesian Women’s Health Survey 2017 was commissioned by Fonterra Brands Indonesia and the Indonesian Osteoporosis Society (PEROSI), surveying over 500 women across five cities in Indonesia.