We launched our #CelebrateTheExtraordinary campaign to empower mothers and families, and we even trended on Twitter!

The team in Indonesia has kicked off its annual Fonterra Dairy Scholarship programme – with more scholars this year. Find out how we’re making a difference in Indonesian dairying communities.

World Breastfeeding Week ends today but our Anmum Indonesia team has been hard at work all week launching its #CelebrateTheExtraordinary campaign.

The movement seeks to recognise the extraordinary journey of pregnancy and to create better knowledge and understanding about the support mothers need. 

More than 60 media and 35 bloggers attended the launch, and #CelebrateTheExtraordinary even trended on Twitter.

A common challenge for mothers in Indonesia include a lack of knowledge and understanding about maternal and lactation health within their support systems, including family members, relatives, and friends. This is according to a study done by Fonterra Brands Indonesia and Anmum which sought to better understand the challenges experienced by mothers during their pregnancy and in the first months when lactating.

Fonterra Brands Indonesia Marketing Technical Advisor Rohini Behl says that mothers in Indonesia often feel their needs are not well understood and met by people in their support system, and Anmum took this opportunity to urge husbands, parents, in-laws and others to be more proactive in assisting mothers and mothers-to-be in their extraordinary but challenging journey.

“We were also able to position Anmum Materna and Lacta as the provider of specialised nutrition including optimised levels of Ganglioside (GA) and DHA that are good for the baby,” Rohini says.

Joining the celebration in Indonesia were experts of perinatology and gynaecology, celebrity mums, as well as influencers in mummy support groups.