In the community

Community is cornerstone of our Co-operative. 
Fonterra was created through a community of people working together to help each other – it’s our back bone, it’s who we are, it’s where we come from and it’s what we do.

While our business has significant leverage on the global stage, it’s the grassroots work that we do within communities around the world that makes our Co-op special. In te reo Māori, the word hapori means community, kinship and coming together for a common cause – this rings true with our Co-op, as we continue to create meaningful impact in our communities.

We’ll listen, and understand our community issues, needs and what matters.

We’ll offer our skills, expertise and help to provide a positive contributions in the communities we are part of. And, we will form strong relationships that can deliver real value for the long term.

We might not have the answers, but we’ll learn together. It’s about offering a helping hand, not a handout. Working together, not apart. Being there when we need to be.

It’s about Doing Good Together.

Our aim is to create greater value through three simple goals

People & Culture

We are working together to care for people and make a positive social impact.


We are working together to achieve a healthy environment for farming and society.

Working together

We are working together to deliver a sustainable business.