What we stand for

The dairy industry is built from the ground up, and we are committed to making a positive difference to our people, our farmers, our customers, our communities and environments where we operate.

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Safeguarding water for our farmers.

Water security is crucial for all our farmers, particularly in areas of water scarcity such as the Murray Darling Basin, and for the communities that rely on the Basin. Increasing competition for water and drier conditions are putting rising pressure on dairy farmers in the region.

Fonterra is working with our Northern Victorian farmers on programs that assist with water efficiency and provide certainty for farmers.

These include:

  • Supporting farmers in understanding their water risk exposure, including one-on-one water risk assessments and education sessions providing advice on what they can do in dry conditions
  • Identifying potential risk management strategies and interest free finance
  • Establishing farm water use efficiency improvements; and
  • Sharing Fonterra’s, and farmers’, concerns with relevant government and industry representatives.