What we stand for

The dairy industry is built from the ground up, and we are committed to making a positive difference to our people, our farmers, our customers, our communities and environments where we operate.

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Animal welfare

Caring for our cows.

Healthy, well-cared-for animals are vital to producing safe, high-quality milk. They are the absolute core of every dairy farm, and their health and welfare is of paramount importance to us. We work with our farmers to ensure they maintain the highest standards of animal welfare and have a strong track record when it comes to on-farm animal welfare practices.

Fonterra suppliers in Australia are members and funders of industry organisation Dairy Australia.

We work with Dairy Australia to provide extensive animal welfare advice, training and support material to our farmers.

We are committed to managing animals responsibly and continuously improving animal health and welfare outcomes as well as eliminating practices that contravene the internationally recognised “Five Freedoms”.

The five freedoms:
  • Freedom from hunger or thirst, by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour;
  • Freedom from discomfort, by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and comfortable resting area;
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease, by ensuring rapid diagnosis and treatment;
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour, by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of the animal’s own kind; and
  • Freedom from fear and distress, by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid physical and mental suffering.

Animal health standards

Our animal health standards are aligned with the international welfare standards developed by the World Organisation for Animal Health, as well as various voluntary codes under current Australian state and territory Acts.