Our business starts with, and relies on, dairy farmers supplying high-quality raw milk to Fonterra across Australia into our plants located in Victoria and Tasmania.

Locally, we work with around 1,100 dairy farmers in regional areas of Victoria and Tasmania.  

We firmly believe that Australian dairy has a strong future. We are committed to partnering with our suppliers for the long term, and ensuring that they are equipped with the right tools to manage their business. There are a number of ways we work to achieve this:

  • Offering superior expertise and support in dairy
  • Rewarding excellence in milk quality
  • Investing in our dairy manufacturing sites to improve our product mix

Our goal is to help our farmers run sustainable farming businesses that are well-equipped to manage market volatility.

One of the ways we’re doing this is through Farm Source – an innovative and industry-leading package of tools and services to assist farmers in managing their business.

Launched in February and continuing to evolve over time, Farm Source provides greater levels of service, information, support, financial options and discounts to help improve on-farm profitability and business management.

Farm Source is another way we are growing our partnership with our farmers. It’s all about using our scale to provide the level of service our farmers deserve, so that we all benefit.

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Australian Global Dairy Update

Our Australia: Global Dairy Update keeps our Australian farmers informed about key industry developments and information on Fonterra’s activities.

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Become a Fonterra supplier

We know it’s no small decision. There’s a lot to weigh up when choosing which dairy company you’ll supply your milk to.

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