Sustainable Dairying

We recognise that sustainability starts at home, on-farm, with our farmers leading the way by responsibly and efficiently managing the use of natural resources and ensuring a safe and secure source of quality milk.

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  • Sustainable Dairying

    Our commitment to dairy excellence sees us incorporating programmes on-farm and within our operations which help us towards sustainably producing high quality milk and dairy products, with regard to environmental, food safety and animal welfare considerations.

  • Animal Health And Welfare

    Healthy, well-cared-for animals are vital to producing safe, high-quality milk.

  • New Zealand

    Producing the highest quality milk is at the very heart of our business. To ensure we continue improving milk quality and minimise dairying’s environmental footprint, we’ve developed Supply Fonterra – our programme of on-farm initiatives that supports our farmers and the Co-operative to help us maintain and grow a sustainable milk supply.

  • Australia

    In Australia, Fonterra’s milk is supplied by around 1,200 farmers. They are always looking to identify opportunities for them to increase profitability and reduce their environmental impacts.

  • China

    Sustainable and socially responsible practices and engagement are embedded in Fonterra’s China farm operations, including due diligence associated with farm development activity.

  • Sri Lanka

    Fonterra has operated in Sri Lanka for over 35 years and our current daily collection averages 25 kl per day from a network of 4,000 small holder dairy farmers.

  • Latam

    Our goal is to support and contribute to the communities and environment with our knowledge to developing efficient milk production and sustainability efforts.