Science & Technology

The Directorate for Science and Technology (DST) enables the sustainable growth of Fonterra’s high quality milk pools through science and technology.

Being part of Fonterra Global Brands and Nutrition,  DST deploys an ‘open innovation’ model to deliver value to Fonterra through science and technology strategy development, product and technology development, technical business support including risk management support, advocacy and scientific affairs.The latter involves influencing Fonterra’s operating environment through science and technology via IDF, GDP, SAI, national industry good bodies etc.  The DST programme of work  focuses on three strategic outcome areas:

1. More Milk
With an emphasis on animal feed, the vision is “To optimise feed for more, safe, nutritious milk on an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable basis”. Amongst others, we are currently testing a calf milk replacer for NZAgbiz. Animal productivity and soil health are also part of this portfolio.

2. Less Footprint
This aims at investigating technology solutions to contribute towards Fonterra’s sustainability targets such as greenhouse gas reduction, improving water quality and  use efficiency, and animal health and welfare. Currently DST are investigating fit for purpose effluent management systems and developing an early detection system for low body condition score in cows. We also currently invest in industry good consortia that aim at improving on farm profitability while reducing the impact on the environment: P21, Pastoral Genomics and Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium.

3. Milk Quality and Safety
The aim of our Milk Quality and Safety Science and Technology programme is “To guarantee consumer safety and deliver brand protection and enhancement through the use of science and technology to ensure the integrity of Fonterra’s global milk supplies”. There are currently projects underway to identify improvements that can be made in both detection and prevention of milk contamination and adulteration.