Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Fonterra seeks to ensure an enduring Co-operative that sustains our farmers and the communities in which we live and work around the world. Driven by the needs of our consumers, customers and communities we deliver on this commitment by leading  the way in dairying performance, providing the natural source of nutrition for all and ensuring we work as part of healthy resilient ecosystems.

  • Sustainable Dairying

    We recognise that sustainability starts at home, on-farm, with our farmers leading the way by responsibly and efficiently managing the use of natural resources and ensuring a safe and secure source of quality milk.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing

    Operating sustainably is a foundation of our success and we are actively committed to reducing emissions, waste reduction and water efficiency and using energy in a more efficient way.

  • Food Safety and Quality

    Our reputation for quality is a competitive advantage and we guard it carefully. We understand the need for each of us to take responsibility for our part in maintaining the trust of customers and consumers.

  • Health and Safety

    At Fonterra we believe that sustainable success can only be achieved through our people. People make the difference and caring for our people is a key foundation to the way we operate.