Sourcing Quality Milk

It all starts with our 10,500 New Zealand farmer shareholders who produce some 16 billion litres of the 22 billion litres we process annually as the world’s leading dairy exporter.

Our farmer shareholders’ farms produce the lush green grass which our dairy herds graze on year-round to produce milk renowned for its quality. That quality is assured with our rigorous testing and quality standards which enable us to meet the highest customer expectations.  

We export approximately 95 per cent of our New Zealand production to more than 100 countries.

To complement this production and ensure we are always able to supply our customers, we’ve developed quality local supplies of fresh milk in key markets. We source milk from suppliers in Australia, Chile, Brazil, Sri Lanka and North America. 

We also produce our own milk in China, where we have two farms and another three under development. Combined, the five farms will produce 150 million litres of milk per year. Our goal is to produce up to a billion litres of milk in China by 2018.