Research and Innovation

Fonterra is a world-leader in dairy innovation – unlocking natural goodness to add real value for customers and consumers throughout their lives.

With more than 3500 natural components, milk offers many possibilities for innovation to meet the changing needs for quality dairy nutrition.

Our dairy science is leading to improved nutrition for mothers and babies, keeping aging populations mobile and putting healthier options on the out-of-home menu.

Our world-leading Fonterra Research and Development Centre in New Zealand’s Palmerston North boasts many world firsts in its 85 years of operations.

Developments at the Centre such as spreadable butter straight from the fridge, the world-leading  Anlene™ range of bone nutrition products, functional milk protein concentrates, ClearProtein™ and Textured White Base™ ingredients have opened up many new opportunities for products made with dairy ingredients.

Complemented by Innovation Centres in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Chicago, Shanghai and Singapore, our team in Palmerston North works to understand specific customer and consumer needs in some of the world’s leading dairy market.


Our ‘Open Innovation’ policy encourages the contribution of external partners to develop new products and technologies. We have active research partnerships with dozens of universities and research facilities around the world.