02 April 2013 2 min read

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Fonterra’s global ambassador Richie McCaw has gained an up-close view of Fonterra in Sri Lanka last week during a two day tour of the Co-operative’s operations in the country. McCaw said it was great to see first hand how Fonterra was growing its business in the region.

“It’s my first time in Sri Lanka and it made me realise how big Fonterra and Anchor are in the region. You drive through Colombo and see Anchor signs everywhere – it’s amazing that Sri Lankan kids are drinking the same milk that I grew up on in Canterbury. 

“You sometimes forget that Fonterra’s got such a global reach. The kids and farmers that I met during the trip all told me that Fonterra and Anchor are a big part of their lives – not only because of the products Fonterra supplies but because the Co-op has become part of the community over the last 35 years,” said McCaw.

While in Sri Lanka, McCaw toured the Co-operative’s milk processing facilities and saw some of Fonterra’s community and farmer-development initiatives. He also spent time meeting some of the Co-operative’s key stakeholders in the country.

Managing Director Co-operative Affairs Todd Muller said that McCaw’s visit helps demonstrate Fonterra’s commitment to Sri Lanka – a key export market for the New Zealand dairy industry. 

“Sri Lanka is our fourth largest whole milk powder market and critical to Fonterra’s global business. 

“The New Zealand dairy industry has been providing high quality dairy nutrition to people across Sri Lanka for more than 35 years and today, two packs of Anchor milk powder are bought every second.

“Sri Lanka has a large and fast growing population which is becoming increasingly affluent.

“This is driving dairy consumption growth with people increasingly looking for high quality nutrition that supports the health and wellness of their families. This provides a clear opportunity for Fonterra to continue to grow its presence in this important market.”

“Our relationships on the ground are vital for us to continue to grow and develop opportunities in the country.

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