Galaxy offers a range of delicious specialty cheeses that are perfect for when entertaining or for adding a special touch to your next meal.

The Galaxy range includes blue, white mould, fresh and yellow cheeses for everyday New Zealanders.

A fun and affordable option, Galaxy cheeses are perfect for the whole family to enjoy as part of a meal or to put on a cheeseboard to entertain friends.

  • 1. What are the different types of Galaxy cheeses?+

    Blue Cheeses:
    Galaxy blue cheeses have our own unique blue mould added during production. When in wheel form, the cheese is then pierced with spikes to create openings in which the blue mould develops, giving the distinctive ‘blue vein’ appearance.

    Blue cheeses are tangy and savoury and can range from creamy and mild to sharp and crumbly.

    White mould:
    White mould cheeses are creamy, mild and often have mushroomy, earthy flavours. Camemberts and Bries are made in varying sized hoops and develop fluffy white mould on the outside. This is flattened during packaging to give its distinctive white rind.

    Yellow cheeses:
    Yellow cheeses can be divided in to Hard and Semi-Soft. Hard yellows include parmesan. These cheeses are aged and lose moisture over time, resulting in strong flavour and crumbly textures. Semi-soft yellows range from Swiss styles to Havartis and vary from sweet and nutty to creamy and buttery.

    Fresh cheeses:
    Fresh cheeses, such as mozzarella and feta, are pale and moist and often stored in liquid to keep them so.

  • 2. How should I store and eat specialty cheese?+

    Cheese should be stored in special aerated cheese paper or cloths.

    Specialty cheese should be eaten at room temperature so it is best to take them out of the fridge at least one hour before eating.

  • 3. Allergies+

    Galaxy cheeses are gluten free and Halal.