Fonterra in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to our 10,500 farmer shareholders and the base for our global operations.


In addition to our leading consumer brands and foodservice business in New Zealand, our work at home forms the core of our global dairy ingredients business. 

We operate more than 30 manufacturing sites across the country and process about 16 billion litres of our farmers’ milk each year. 

We export about 95 per cent of our local production to more than 100 countries and, at peak, we close the door on a container of dairy exports out of New Zealand every three minutes.

  • Brightwater

    Fonterra’s Brightwater site produces regular whole milk powders. The site collects milk from farmer shareholders’ farms in Rai Valley, Murchison and Waimea, and can process up to 240,000 litres per day, producing 10,000 tonnes of milk powder each year.

  • Canpac

    Fonterra’s Canpac site is the Co-operative’s largest secondary packager of milk powders, and supplies branded nutritional powders, bulk blended nutritional milk powders, cans and can components to customers across the globe.

  • Clandeboye

    Processing up to 12.4 million litres of milk per day, around 40% of the Co-operatives South Island milk, Clandeboye is one of Fonterra’s largest manufacturing sites.

  • Collingwood Street

    Fonterra’s Collingwood Street site in Eltham is the largest consumer and foodservice cheese manufacturing plant in Australasia.

  • Crawford Street

    Fonterra’s Crawford Street stores collect a third of all Fonterra’s ingredients in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, distributing 33,000 containers of milk powder and cheese every year. This means the stores receive product 24 hours a day and send shipments to the Port of Tauranga five days a week.

  • Darfield

    Opened in 2012 on a greenfield site west of Christchurch, Fonterra Darfield is a showcase of the Co-operative’s commitment to the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability, from design, through to building and operation.

  • Edendale

    Fonterra Edendale has been in operation for over 133 years making it New Zealand’s oldest manufacturing site. It was established in 1881 by entrepreneurs William Davidson and Thomas Brydone. Through their dairy industry nous and agricultural know-how they become the first dairy factory to export cheddar cheese and butter to markets around the world.

  • Edgecumbe

    Fonterra Edgecumbe was established in 1923 and is situated alongside the Rangitaiki River in the Eastern Bay of Plenty – known as the sunniest spot in New Zealand and the home of some of the most productive farms in the country.

  • FBNZ Bridge Street

    Fonterra Brands New Zealand’s (FBNZ) Bridge Street site is New Zealand’s home of blue cheese – the first non-cheddar cheese variant produced in New Zealand was a blue vein manufactured at the site in 1951.

  • FBNZ Palmerston North

    Fonterra Brands New Zealand’s Palmerston North site is best known for producing our award-winning Kapiti ice cream, sold both in New Zealand and internationally to consumers and foodservice customers. The site’s ice cream plant, built in 2005, uses the latest technology to produce 2.5 million litres of top quality ice cream each year. The site also produces fresh milk for our Anchor and Dairy Dale brands.

  • Fonterra Mosgiel

  • Fonterra Tua Marina

  • Hautapu

    Established in 1886, Fonterra’s Hautapu site has been a leader in dairy manufacturing for more than 120 years, and is the headquarters for Fonterra’s protein and cheese technical teams.

  • Kaikoura

    Located on the east cost of the South Island, Fonterra’s Kaikoura site employees 23 people, and is supplied 37 million litres of milk from local farms each season. The site processes 245,000 litres of milk each day and turns it into 28 tonnes of cheese – that’s enough blocks of cheese every year to reach the height of Mt Everest six times. Fonterra Kaikoura exports to international markets including Japan, the USA, Australia, Europe and Brazil.

  • Kapuni

    Fonterra’s Kapuni site is home to one of the Co-operative’s five lactose plants and is one of the world’s major manufacturers of food grade and pharmaceutical lactose. A unique site, Kapuni is Fonterra’s only site that combines the characteristics of dairy and pharmaceutical operations. Employing 121 staff, the site operates 24/7 for ten months each year, with the typical season being from August to May. Key export markets for Fonterra Kapuni include the USA, Asia and Europe.

  • Kauri

    The Kauri site in Northland was established in 1989 and produces about 116,000 tonnes of skim milk, whole milk and nutritional powders, speciality butters and anhydrous milk fats (AMF) each year.

  • Lichfield

    Fonterra’s Lichfield site is the Co-operative’s second largest cheese plant. Built in just over nine months in 1995 to initially make Dry Salt and Brine Salt Cheeses, it was once the largest cheese factory in the southern hemisphere, and was built at record speed for a dairy plant of its kind at the time.

  • Longburn

    The Longburn site was built on a greenfield site in 1966, to house a milk powder factory and butter plant. Today, the site is home to 16 tankers, a bulk milk rail loading operation, a mineral acid casein plant, an environmental operation, and a finished product store. The casein plant is operational only when milk volumes are at peak, usually in spring. Fonterra Longburn collects 1.6 million litres of milk from farmer shareholders’ farms from Waikanae to Southern Taranaki each day during the milk production season. It turns this into butter, cheese, whey powders, milk powders, casein and bottled milk for the domestic market. The site places a big emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Waste water is irrigated onto two local farms, and the team process effluent from a third party site using a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit. This is an advanced waste stream cleaning process that uses precipitation to separate protein and fats from the waste stream. The solids are used either for bio-digestion or composting.

  • Maungaturoto

    Originally built in 1902, Fonterra’s Maungaturoto site is one of the Co-operative’s oldest. Fonterra Maungaturoto processes 2.1 million litres of milk per day, from 110,000 cows, during the peak of the milk production season. Each year, the site processes 247 million litres of milk. The site produces 35,000 tonnes per year, made up of whole milk powder, skim milk powder, butter milk powder, whey and casein for both the domestic and export markets. Fonterra Maungaturoto plays a big part in the Northland community, providing funding and volunteers for various initiatives in the region.

  • Morrinsville

    Established in 1902, Fonterra’s Morrinsville site processes 1.2 million litres of milk per day during the peak of the milk production season. The site employs 98 people and produces milk powders, cream, butter and canned butter for tropical countries where refrigeration is not always available.

  • Pahiatua

    Fonterra’s Pahiatua site processes up to 3.8 million litres of milk each day from farms across Northern Hawke's Bay to Southern Wairarapa and Wellington, turning it into around 140,000 tonnes of whole milk powder each year.

  • Reporoa

    The Reporoa site was established in 1968 and mainly produces caseinate. The site is home to Fonterra’s only Total Milk Protein (TMP) plant in New Zealand, and has an Ethanol plant making both industrial and potable grades of product. Fonterra Reporoa plays a big part in the local community, and is involved in projects such as riparian planting around the site and beside the Waikato River. The site also places significant focus on sustainability and has a recycling station to reduce waste to landfill.

  • Stirling

    Located in South Otago, Fonterra’s Stirling site was built in 1982. The site processes 1.7 million litres of milk each day, turning it into 200 tonnes of cheddar cheese, whey protein concentrate retentate and lactose concentrate, and 40,000 tonnes of cheese. The cheese plant manufactures 10.5 tonnes or 525 blocks (20 kilogram) per hour, transforming milk into cheese in only four and a half hours. Fonterra Stirling employees 78 people covering manufacturing, engineering and environmental, and 27 drivers collect milk from across Otago. The site has won a number of awards including the Dairy Industry Quality Performance Award in 1996, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009, the International Dairy Federation Best New Cheese (Savoury Low Salt) 2010, and the Fonterra Best Site Quality Cup 2011.

  • Takaka

    Fonterra’s Takaka site, located at the top of the South Island, is more than 100 years old and has had a complete rebuild during its time. The site originally manufactured butter and over the years grew to include a casein and caseinate factory. In 2005 a fire ripped through the site and destroyed the plants. A skim milk powder plant was then built which only took 106 days to complete – from the day of the fire through to producing its first batch of milk powder. Today the site processes up to 560,000 litres of milk per day from farmer shareholders’ farms across Golden Bay, Marlborough and Murchison. A team of 40 people including drivers, engineering staff and additional staff ensure the site runs smoothly and actively take part in community initiatives around the region. The team are keen participants in Clean Up NZ week and regularly support tree planting activities with local schools.

  • Takanini

    The Takanini site is the largest of Fonterra Brands New Zealand’s (FBNZ) processing sites and is the company’s head office. The site produces a number of products including milk, UHT and cultured dairy food for some of New Zealand’s best-loved brands.

  • Te Awamutu

    Fonterra’s Te Awamutu site is the Co-operative’s fifth largest milk processor in New Zealand and the buttermilk capital for the region. During the peak of the milk production season, Te Awamutu processes three million litres of milk, more than one million litres of cream and 750,000 tonnes of buttermilk each day – equalling about 4.85 million litres of liquid per day and 526 million litres of liquid each year. The home of three powder driers, Te Awamutu produces a range of instant, regular, vitamin fortified and nutritional milk powders for export to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, the USA, India, China and Japan.

  • Te Rapa

    Fonterra’s Te Rapa manufacturing site north of Hamilton has long been a showcase for the New Zealand dairy industry.

  • Te Roto

    Fonterra Brands New Zealand’s (FBNZ) Te Roto site manufactures a variety of cheeses including white moulds, fresh cheeses and smeared cheeses. The site’s white mould speciality cheese plant produces 700 tonnes per year – 90 per cent of which is for the New Zealand market. FBNZ Te Roto produces cheese for some of our popular brands including Mainland Special Reserve, Kapiti, Galaxy, and Ferndale.

  • Tip Top

    Fonterra Brands New Zealand’s (FBNZ) Tip Top site has been a landmark building on Auckland’s southern motorway for half a century. Known as Tip Top Corner, the site produces millions of litres of ice cream and millions of ice blocks every year for Tip Top’s iconic brands such as Trumpet, Fruju and Popsicle.

  • Tirau

    Established in 1933, Fonterra’s Tirau site originally manufactured butter. Today, the site manufactures lactic casein, lactalbumin and ethanol, producing 11,400 tonnes a year for domestic and international markets.

  • Waharoa

    The Waharoa site, near Morrinsville, has been around since 1886, producing butter, cheese and milk powder. In addition to these operations, Fonterra opened the Waharoa Animal Nutrition Plant at the site in 1994 to manufacture calf, pig and lamb milk replacements, providing farmers with quality nutrition for their animals. The site produces enough blended powder each year to feed 250,000 calves. The powders are made up based on proteins and fats. Formulations are correctly balanced and feeding programmes are tailor-made to ensure animals get optimum nutrition. Fonterra Waharoa produces 7500 tonnes of blended powder per year, of which 5500 tonnes is sold in New Zealand, with the remainder exported to Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

  • Waitoa

    Established in 1902, the Waitoa site is one of Fonterra’s leading infant formula and nutritional ingredient manufacturers. Located in the heart of the Waikato’s dairying region, the site collects up to three million litres of milk per day during peak season. Each year, Fonterra Waitoa’s four powder plants produce 65,000 tonnes of whole milk powder, nutritional/infant powder, cheese powder and complex lipid powder for export to Asia. The site’s IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) plant also produces shredded cheese for leading pizza chains and other foodservice customers in Asia.

  • Whareroa

    In the heart of Taranaki, Fonterra’s Whareroa site at Hawera collects up to 14 million litres of milk a day. It produces the largest volume of dairy ingredients, from a single factory anywhere in the world.

  • Fonterra Research and Development Centre

    The Fonterra Research and Development Centre (FRDC) is one of the largest research facilities in the world dedicated to dairy. It is home to around 100 PhD qualified scientists, technologists and engineers, many of whom are the world’s leading experts in dairy science.