Supply Fonterra

Producing the highest quality milk is at the very heart of our business. To ensure we continue improving milk quality as we reduce dairying’s environmental footprint, we’ve developed Supply Fonterra – our programme of on-farm initiatives that will help us grow and maintain a sustainable milk supply.

We are committed to having the best dairying environment in the world and the best quality milk. The two go hand in hand. 

To preserve what makes us unique today and for tomorrow’s generations we have to work to continually improve the management of our environment and the production of our milk. 

By doing so, we’ll maintain and grow a sustainable milk supply to meet the demands of our international customers and our local communities. 

Supply Fonterra brings together programmes that cover all aspects of milk quality and environmental management. It’s a complete toolkit, designed to help farmers meet all the regulatory, compliance and market requirements that are now part of everyday dairying life.

Supply Fonterra programmes include:

  • Mastitis Support
  • Milk Quality Support 
  • Farm Dairy and Environmental Assessment 
  • Effluent Management (formerly Every Farm, Every Year)
  • Nitrogen Management
  • Waterway Management 

Our future programmes will look to address priorities such as water usage, animal welfare, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity.

In addition to providing our farmers with clear minimum standards and assessment processes, our Sustainable Dairying Advisors and Area Managers will offer one-to-one advice and support to help suppliers identify risks and future-proof their systems. 

So Supply Fonterra isn’t just about taking care of today’s needs, it’s about continuing the journey we’ve already started to improve our on-farm performance.