Buying from Fonterra

With a long history in selling dairy we have become leaders in developing more innovative ways for customers to buy products.

We have an extensive network of experienced sales people around the world providing exceptional customer service. We also actively participate in GlobalDairyTrade, which is an online auction platform selling a range of dairy products.

Global Dairy Trade

Fonterra sells product on GlobalDairyTrade (GDT), an online auction platform for Fonterra and certain other manufacturers' internationally-traded commodity dairy products.  Set up by Fonterra in 2008, GDT has become a leading price reference indicator for globally-traded dairy products. The auctions, which are referred to as trading events, are run twice each month. Currently, GDT hosts over 700 qualified bidders from 90 countries.

Global Sales

We have a global sales team representing Fonterra in key markets around the world. To view these locations and find contact details click here.