Applying for a job

With more than 150 offices and sites around the world, we offer many opportunities for people with the right skills and expertise.

Applying for a job with us is straightforward. While the various processes may vary slightly job to job, the basic recruitment structure remains the same.

We have recently been alerted to an email hoax making false offers of employment.  These are purportedly ‘signed’ from members of Fonterra’s leadership team, and ask individuals to complete forms, supply personal information and in some instances, make payments prior to commencing employment.  Please be aware that we will only ever contact you from an email address, do not conduct interviews via Google/Gmail, and will never ask you to make a monetary deposit .  If you are concerned you have received a hoax email, please contact

Common Questions

  • 1. Register and Apply+

    All your details must be registered on for you to be able to apply for a job with us. As soon as you register and then apply for a role, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

    The online application form must be filled out and an electronic copy of your CV attached. Remember to take the time to answer the application questions as these are assessed before the CVs are reviewed and they give us a good idea of the skills and job types you may be interested in.

    As soon as you register or apply for a role, we will send a confirmation email so you know we have received what we need. Remember to check the confirmation email to make sure you have completed the entire application process (and not simply registered as a user on

    Make a note of the close date on the job advertisement as this will give you an idea of when you can expect a response from us.

    We check your profile and/or application and if it ticks all boxes, we will set up a phone interview with you. If your experience does not meet the required criteria for you will receive an email declining your application.

    We try to screen all applicants within a few days of the role closing, although for some roles with more applicants, this may take slightly longer.

    Once you have registered or applied for a role, you will receive alerts via email when roles that match your profile become available.

    Top tip: Please ensure you have completed both processes of registering on our website and then applying for the role.

  • 2. Phone interview+

    If we determine that you have the skill set we are looking for we will arrange a 15-30 minute phone interview to discuss your experience and expectations. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to expand on your career highlights and aspirations.

    Even though this takes place over the phone, it is still an interview, so please ensure you are able to speak freely without interruption.

    Top tip: Remember that you may be competing against a range of applications including current Fonterra employees, which potentially opens up other opportunities. So please don’t let this stop you from continuing to apply for other suitable roles.

  • 3. Shortlist+

    One of our team will contact you by phone or email to confirm if you are being recommended for an onsite interview. 

    Being ‘recommended for an onsite interview’ essentially means we believe you match some, or all, of the criteria we need for that particular role.

    If this is the case, we will discuss your details with the hiring manager and confirm after that meeting if the hiring manager will progress your application to a face-to-face interview.

    Top tip: Keep checking your phone or emails in case we do contact you.

  • 4. Onsite interview+

    If you are selected to move to the next stage, our administration team will contact you to organise your interview. It is important that you are available within a week of the request, unless prior discussion around your availability was discussed with our consultants at the phone interview stage.

    The hiring manager interview is a great opportunity to get a detailed understanding of the role and how we work at Fonterra. They will have a copy of your CV and a summary of your phone interview, but you must still be prepared.

    It is highly likely you will be asked to discuss your career highlights and aspirations, as well as show your strengths through a series of Competency Based Questions that bring out your functional and technical skills. These questions require you to give examples of prior experience, including the situation, action taken, outcome and key learnings.

    Some entry level roles may require additional skills assessments. These include paper-based multiple choice tests on ‘understanding instructions’ and ‘working with numbers’. These tests cannot be prepared for, but you will be provided with information on the tests prior to taking them.

    You will be sent a Position Description to prepare for your interview, and briefed by one of our team on the how the interview will be conducted. You will also be given some great tips on how best to approach the Competency Based Questions. In preparation for this, it’s a good idea to review the competencies provided in the Position Description and think about how you have exhibited these in the past.

    It is possible you will have multiple interviews throughout the Recruitment Process depending on the number of key stakeholders involved in the role you are applying for.

    Top tip: Do your homework on Fonterra – research our website, recent news articles and any other sources of information, including any contacts you may know at Fonterra.

  • 5. Psychometric testing+

    You may also be asked to undertake psychometric testing to measure your abilities relevant to the role. This usually takes place after the Onsite Interviews, but not always.

    Psychometric testing varies from numeric and verbal testing to personality tests.  These tests are necessary for us to see how you fit with Fonterra and with the role you applied for.

    Psychometric tests are completed online. We will send you a link via email, and we highly recommend you take the time to complete some of the practice tests before completing the abilities test.

    Top tip: These abilities tests are timed, so make sure you sit in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.

  • 6. Referee checks+

    If you reach this stage of the process, it is likely that you are one of the top candidates and to proceed any further, we need to confirm your employment history, performance and work style.

    Our team will request your permission to contact at least two referees. Note that written references will not be considered.

    Referees should include a previous or current employer, ideally your direct manager.

    Top tip:  Please ensure you talk to your referees and ask their permission for us to contact them.

  • 7. Background checks+

    Nearly there!

    All salaried roles will require a number of checks to be satisfactorily completed before any offers can be discussed. For this, we need your full legal name.

    The specific background checks needed for each role will be discussed with you as part of the process, but may consist of a combination of the following depending on the role applied for:

    • Pre-employment medical checks (where applicable)
    • Qualification check
    • Credit check
    • CV check
    • Drivers licence check
    • Criminal convictions
    Should these checks need to be completed earlier in the recruitment process, the recruitment team will let you know.

    Sometimes background check results are not confirmed until after employment has started.  Please note that any information obtained will be checked with you for accuracy, but be aware that if you have not given Fonterra information that is relevant to the background checks or your general suitability for employment, or if you have provided misleading or false information, then this may be grounds for dismissal without notice.

    Top tip: Remember to regularly check your email and phone messages as there are a number of documents we need you to complete.

  • 8. Job Offer+

    Once the hiring manager has made a final decision, you will be contacted to discuss the details of an offer.  Salary, benefits, start date and any other details will be clarified so that you can make a final decision.

    A contract pack including all your pre-employment documents will be sent in hard copy for you to review, sign and return to the payroll team.

    Once all these steps have been completed, you will be a member of the Fonterra family.