Whey Protein Concentrates and Isolates

Our whey protein concentrates and isolates are highly functional and nutritional ingredients, manufactured from fresh cheese or acid whey by membrane filtration processes.

Our whey protein concentrates are suitable for use in a variety of applications such as yoghurts, beverages and dairy desserts. They also provide a superior source of protein fortification for nutritional products and infant food. Whey protein concentrates provide a gelling property when dissolved in water and heated. This property is beneficial for some nutritional and meat industry applications.

Whey protein isolates are the purest form of concentrated whey protein (greater than 90 per cent concentrate). They are low in fat, lactose and minerals. As well as being highly nutritious, they are extremely functional. Whey protein isolates are suitable for low pH nutritional beverages, dry mix beverages, clear beverages, nutritional bars, protein fortified food, and sports nutrition products.

NZMPTM europro

Fonterra Europe has recently launched a new range of whey protein ingredients exclusively sourced in Europe under the brand name europro. This protein ingredient range adheres to the same strict quality standards required by NZMP™ and delivers added benefits for our European customers.

Europro distinguishes NZMP™’s European sourced ingredient offerings from New Zealand sourced equivalent ingredients.

The brand stands for:

  • quality assurance and traceability for all European product
  • guarantee of shorter lead times and flexibility for European product supply, 365 days a year
  • New Zealand expertise to ensure consistent product quality standards and manufacturing processes
  • customised service model and product specifications through efficient plant alignment
  • long-term pricing agreements with loyal customers

Fonterra’s NZMP™ europro portfolio delivers a range of high protein solutions, with great taste and texture, for use in the following  consumer solutions:

  • enhanced protein yoghurts, beverages and bars for the healthy ageing
  • nutritional supplements and ‘super foods’ for use in medical nutrition where often people aren’t able to digest normal food formats
  • baby formula and follow-on formula and
  • sports beverages and bars for those with ‘active lifestyles’.

NZMP™ europro ingredient range:

  • europro essentialwhey 392
  • europro instantwhey 450
  • europro boostwhey 515
  • europro ultrawhey 894