Cheese is a fascinating food, with its diverse range of flavours and textures. Different cheeses play distinct, yet versatile roles as a component in a broad range of food.

Ingredients for Cheese

Fonterra has consistently led the world in the research and development of world-class ingredients for use in the manufacturing of cheese. Drawing on our rich history, our dairy expertise and our innovative culture we will continue to lead and define the next generation of cheese ingredients. 

For all the many complex formulations and varieties behind every great cheese two fundamental elements are required – body and flavour.

Body: Through the utilisation of functional protein this ensures that the cheese performs as intended, providing the desired structure and delivering the optimal texture.

Flavour: Our distinctive cheese range and cream products deliver natural and unique flavour notes to processed cheese – ensuring manufacturers can differentiate their brands and consumers are satisfied time and time again. 

Our cheese ingredients range spans natural cheese, protein powders and cream products.  

Fonterra offers cheese in a range of formats for customers in foodservice and retail.