Butter and Cream Products

We offer a range of cream products, including fresh cream, butter, anhydrous milk fat, milk fat fractions and specialised milk fat blends.

We offer advice through our application support team on how best to incorporate our high quality ingredients into the manufacturing process, ensuring consistency, functionality and superior quality.


Our butter, made from high quality fresh cream, consistently delivers the superior flavour and texture needed in many applications, such as baked goods and spreads. 

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Our anhydrous milk fat is of the highest quality, and delivers superior dairy flavour and functionality, while being stable at ambient temperatures. Our processing capabilities and controls allow for longer shelf life and consistent quality products. Whether used in chocolate, ice cream or in cheese processing, our anhydrous milk fat performs at the highest level.

Dairy Flavours

Fonterra has a range of flavours manufactured from 100 per cent dairy, using natural New Zealand cream, with no additives or preservatives. Dairy Flavour 400 (DF400) delivers genuine and authentic caramelised milkfat flavours that can be used in both sweet (caramel flavour) and savoury (cooked butter flavour) applications. Because of the concentrated nature of the flavour, less milkfat needs to be used in the finished product to achieve the same great flavour. DF400 can also reduce the processing costs associated with creating caramelised milkfat flavour in products such as chocolate, drinking milk, sweetened condensed milk, ghee and caramels.