Organic products and ingredients

Fonterra’s range of certified organic products and ingredients embrace New Zealand’s natural environment and farming practices which are ideally suited to organic production, ensuring they are closer to how nature intended.

Natural, healthy, ethical food, derived from the land and delivered with care – this is what many of today’s consumers are looking for to provide nourishing meals for themselves and for their families.

These consumers are looking for transparency and naturalness in their foods, searching out cleaner labels and products that protect their health and enhance the nutrition of their food. They care about what they eat and how their food is produced and delivered, with respect for the environment, people and animals being of utmost importance. Organic foods are wholesome, quality foods and ingredients that provide the best in taste and nutrition.

Fonterra’s organic approach

Organics is the production of food under a pure, natural and sustainable system in harmony with nature. Production standards ensure that no synthetic inputs or genetically modified materials are used and organic practices work to respect all life, embrace biodiversity and take into account animal welfare considerations.

New Zealand’s natural environment and farming practices are ideally suited to producing organic dairy products that are closer to how nature intended.

The key features of our organic ingredients are:

As the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, we have a world class supply chain exporting to more than 100 countries. And, because of our extensive global network, Fonterra Organics can ensure that your product can access the markets important to you. Produced in dairy plants with specialist knowledge in organic production and processing technology.

Fonterra Organics has specifications in:

  • Cheeses
  • Full cream milk powder
  • Proteins (Milk Protein Concentrates)
  • Non fat dried milk
  • Skim milk powder
  • Butter (salted & unsalted)
  • UHT fluid milk
  • Fresh milk (New Zealand only)

Fonterra’s organic products are certified kosher (on request) acceptable to the Orthodox Union Kashruth Division and the OK Kosher Laboratories of New York (Organised Kashrut). 

Our cheeses are also suitable for vegetarians as they contain no animal rennet.

Fonterra’s organic certification

Fonterra understands the need for certified organic products in the consumer market. Since its entry into the organic market in 2002, we have ensured an internationally accepted standard for its products. 

Certification is by the New Zealand Governments auditing agency, AsureQuality, an accredited IFOAM member holding ISO 065 and ISO 17020. For the EU, the USA, Japan, Taiwan and Switzerland the products are certified by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).

To buy organic ingredients contact:

Craig Deadman

Global Marketing Manager - Organics 

+64 6 350 4683

To become a Fonterra organic supplier contact:

Stuart Luxton

Business Development Manager

+64 21 241 8797