Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bars can deliver good nutrition in a convenient on-the-go format.

Protein is an important component in a nutrition bar, helping consumers to support an active lifestyle or manage their weight with good nutrition and a feeling of satisfaction in a great-tasting bar.

Protein bars were originally developed for elite athletes and bodybuilders, to help with their exercise programmes by drawing on some of the nutritional benefits of protein. They recognised the benefits of convenient protein sources for building muscle mass, improving endurance and reducing post-exercise soreness.

Our PowerProtein™ provides the perfect solution for use in nutrition bars by combining the nutritional advantages of high quality dairy protein with leading functionality, texture and flavour.

PowerProtein™ 515

  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
  • A breakthrough ingredient that permits high levels of whey protein in bars and snacks
  • Delivers superior taste and texture at a lower cost-in-use compared with existing dairy ingredients
  • Less chewy than standard whey ingredients
  • Provides the bar-softening qualities of Whey Protein Hydrolysate without the associated flavour issues

PowerProtein™ 4861

  • A new texture-building Milk Protein Concentrate that delivers excellent flavour and stability
  • Makes soft bar dough more manageable without causing hardening issues

PowerProtein™ 4857

  • A new stabilised Milk Protein Concentrate that outperforms Calcium Caseinate in bars
  • Delivers excellent flavour and texture stability

PowerProtein™ 600

  • Dairy Protein Crisps
  • All the benefits of whey protein delivered with a crunchy texture and clean flavour